Each player starts the game with one Intuition Point.

Spending Intuition PointsEdit

Intuition Points can be spent on any of the following:

  • To have the GM point out an as-yet-unnoticed clue during an investigation COST: 1 IP

  • To unlock a Quantum Clue COST: 3 IP

  • To get a re-roll in combat or stakeouts COST: 1 IP

  • To get some sort of tactic re-try in an interrogation COST: 1 IP

  • To increase the speed of the forensics lab by one action COST: 1 IP

NOTE: Players may only combine their individual Intuition Points for the purpose of unlocking a Quantum Clue

Gaining Intuition Points

Intuition Points are awarded at the end of each session. For each of the following awards, chosen by the GM, the player is granted +1 IP.

The Eagle Eye: Given to the player who performed the most insightful or helpful investigation

The People Person: Given to the player who performed the most helpful or skillful interrogation

"You Saved My Ass": This is awarded to a player who layed it all out for a buddy when the going got tough. Players must nominate each other for this award, with the GM having final say.

The GM is under no obligation to issue these awards and should only do so when it is appropriate. The GM may also award other points if players come up with something exceptionally clever, or just awesome.

In addition to these awards, players may transfer ONE of their IP to another player at the end of the session. Players can accept a maximum of 2 IP per session.

Open Topics:

  • The actual mechanics for retrying investigations and interrogations can be flushed out once we know what those will look like.

Yup, once we get some tactic rules or throw them out, we can work on this. -D

  • What else can the IP do?

This seems like a good starting list. I have a feeling that we might formalize the idea of leads or sites or locations. Perhaps when we get there, we'll want players to be able to spend points to 'unlock them' -D

  • Should players have input on the awards?

I really like this idea. I really considered turning all of the awards into player-voted awards, but I decided not to when I realized it meant the players would always be fully awarded (3IP), even if it was a short or unimpressive session. At the same time, that might not be that big of an issue. It's not like IP are particularly game-breaking; the worst that could happen is buying Quantum Clues, which is kind of interesting anyway. I'll leave it like it is, but we should consider making the IP all player-voted (which is opposed to GC, entirely controlled by the GM). -V

I think so. One danger of the game is that the GM will play favorites and that the alpha personality will do all the work while some people fade into the background. This forces you to look at the other players, and is a nice analog for going out to a bar together after a tough day, etc. -D