We are currently set on two phases: Day and Night.

Day PhaseEdit

The Day Phase is broken into two “Actions”. An action may be one of the following:

  • Investigating a crime scene or a location of interest.

  • Questioning a person of interest, possibly followed by bringing them back to the station for interrogation [open question of if following interrogation is another action]

  • Examining a piece of evidence (more interesting than general qualities, something along the lines of decoding a cryptogram, carefully examining a complicated piece of machinery, etc.).

  • Research (more interesting than general Google questions, something along the line of searching a library archive, town records, reading all the tombstones at a graveyard, reading a diary cover-to-cover, etc.)

  • Stake-out: watch a location for some phase at the cost of an action (usable to watch during night by sacrificing previous or following action).

  • Raid. This is used as (hopefully) end-game, gathers all detectives, uses all actions for day, and they hit a location with a SWAT team to capture the suspect. If at low or 0 GC score, might be only the detectives without back-up. [Open Question: How much should this be end game? If you fail, is it truly the end of the game? If not, how bad are the consequences? Do you lose massive GC? Do you just lose access to the SWAT team the next time? Do the stakes go up (some series of quick Night Moves?)? Do the Feds auto-swoop in? WHAT HAPPENS?]

  • Any other action as suggested by player and deemed reasonable by Game Master.

Night PhaseEdit

The detectives (unless on some unusual action, such as stakeout or an investigation that can only take place at night) are inactive during this phase. Hey, you gotta sleep sometime, amirite?

During the Night phase, a “Night Move” (NM) is performed. The NM is usually performed by the Culprit (the culprit singular or band of culprits), though it might also be performed by an external force (the Feds) or Mother Nature. The Night Move always has some sort of negative impact on the detectives world, although it might also leave clues that they are able to follow.

For example, your signifother might be kidnapped one night, or the next night their head might be shipped to you. Beyond the ridiculous example of non-stop head-shipping, here is a general list of ideas:

  • A piece of evidence might be lost/destroyed.

  • Someone might be killed.

  • An important place or thing might be destroyed/damaged.

  • An antagonist (Culprit or Feds or Other) will obstruct the investigation somehow.

  • A witness might be spoiled---unwilling to talk, disappears, dead, or other.

When the information of what happened in the night phase is revealed will vary. Normally, the detecitve will find out about it the following morning: on the news, over breakfast, when they get to the station. However, it could occur in the middle of the night: a bomb goes off and your “morning action” is investigating the bomb explosion, although your character actually rests during when their normal morning action would be. And still other times, the change won't be immediately visible: you notice it when you go to talk to a person of interest or examine a piece of evidence, and they're not there/changed/etc.

Other ActionEdit

In addition to the phases of the detectives and the general opposition, there might be police-side things connected to day phases such as Forensics Lab, Morgue, etc. [Open Topic on how to best set up action sequence on these. Should move slower than detectives and always have some lag from when evidence is presented to when results are given. Also maybe slower or more lag or won't work at all depending on GC score.]

Open TopicsEdit